Roofing Process

Fly Guys is an experienced local contractor in upper Western Washington. Whether you are building a new home, adding an extension, or need help performing routine maintenance on your current roof, Fly Guys is here to help with our professional roofing team.

Weather in upper Western Washington can cause the need for emergency repairs, and many residents have custom built homes with unique needs that range from flat roofs to full pitches. Our team has decades of combined experience working on roofs all across the state of Washington, so whatever your roofing needs may be, we’ve seen it before. Between our veteran roofers, our commitment to using only the highest quality of materials, and our free estimates, we offer a unique combination of quality and value to residents all across the upper Western Washington and San Juan Islands.

Quality and Value

At Fly Guys we are committed to sourcing materials from the quality manufacturers, while still delivering a great value to our customers. While there are cheap ways to get a roof completed quickly, we believe that quality stands the test of time and provides a greater value overall. When you receive an estimate from us, you’ll know your roof is in safe hands – and backed by our 10-year warranty.

Budget is a top concern among homeowners when repairing any part of their home, so we make sure that homeowners are well informed both before and during home remodeling.

At Fly Guys, we are committed to delivering quality work to every part of the sound that we’ve built our business with planes and boats that will get our materials wherever they need to go, no matter how remote your neck of the woods is. Our work often takes us from our home in Bellingham to San Juan Islands, Orcas Island, Lopez Island, and Shaw Island, but we’ve serviced many other islands nearby, including Whidbey, Camano, and Bainbridge.

Our Suppliers

We’re proud to showcase our roofing suppliers, because we deliver the best in the business. We only buy from one or two suppliers per application, based on which products are most durable and last the longest in rainy Washington weath



IKO shingles are aesthetically pleasing and have a lifetime warranty. We generally use these as for 3-Tab and architectural roof replacements. They are considered top of class among their competition.



Geocel is our exclusive choice for caulking for both residential and commercial roofing projects. Geocel is both durable and reliable, and sees a lot of use throughout our industry.



CertainTeed is a premium choice for those who wish for the very best in beauty and durability that money can buy. These shingles come with a rarely matched lifetime warranty for those homes that wish to stand the test of time.

The Fly Guys Installation Process

When you contract with Fly Guys, you can be sure we will complete our job efficiently and thoroughly, and we will leave your roof without a trace we were ever there. If you need a job done fast, we can also scale up our crew to get most moderate scale jobs done in a day.


Our number one priority is always safety. All of our employees are mandated to use safety equipment whenever they get on any roof, including using anti-fall protection harnesses. We comply with all local and federal safety regulations to protect residents and our talented employees.


Rain is a part of life in Washington, so we’ve come up with methods to keep projects going even during the soggiest of days. We use a polycarbonate membrane to weather-proof work areas and utilize space heaters to dry them, we shield your roof from damage and make sure everything goes to plan.


Underlayment: We choose Gator-Skin as the weather-proof alternative to tar paper for underlayment. Gator-Skin keeps weather and debris out of your home, but we also double down with Ice and Water Shield to prevent erosion and degradation.

Shingle Roofs (Architectural & 3-Tab): We use five nails to our competitions’ four nails. We hand nail for superior quality instead of machine nailing.

Metal Roofs: We only use the highest quality metal sheets to prevent them from corroding or rusting. We offer both screw-down and snap-lock varieties of metal roofing.

Single-Ply PVC Roofs: We prefer quarter-inch single ply PVC or TPO as an affordable and high quality alternative to metal and asphalt roofs. We have great confidence in these roofing solutions due to their temperature flexibility and UV resistance, which stands up to inclement weather in Washington. If you currently have a hot-tar roof, consider contacting us to discuss single-ply PVC solutions.

Sealing & Caulking: A generous double-caulk of Geocel products is our standard. Since we have started this practice of double-caulking every valley and joint, we’ve never had a roof leak.

Post-Job Cleanup

In roofing, the final impressions that matter, so we make sure that your roof looks pristine by the time we drive away. We leave nothing behind, checking carefully for stray nails and safety hazards.

Recycling & Responsible Disposal

We love the state of Washington and the beautiful islands that surround it, so we recycle all eligible materials and responsibly dispose of all waste.

Types of Roofs We Offer

We have many years of experience on all types of roofing, so when we give you an estimate, it’s pulled from our experience. We have the practical experience working with most roof types.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement Serana Seattle Wa

Architectural Roofing

Premium-grade asphalt shingles. These shingles are bundled in various sizes, which creates a eye-drawing dimensional pattern. Our preference is IKO Cambridge shingles.

Single-Ply PVC Roofing

Similar to metal roofs, but at a lower cost, Single-Ply PVC is tough and resistant to weather, and are a great upgrade from hot-tar roofs.

flat roof replacement
Fly Guys Metal Roof

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are lighter than asphalt and resistant to pests, rot, fire, and mildew. They can radiate heat away from your home, and be made to look like other roofing solutions.